SB 50 and SB 4 Amendment Summaries

SB 50 amendments

SB 50 will be amended to do all the following:

In counties over 600,000 population:

  • SB 50 zoning provisions, with bus stop, coastal, fire hazard, and historic districts modifications below:
    • Cities under 50,000: exempt parcels in coastal zone. This will be amended to apply to coastal zone cities under 50,000 will be exempted statewide.
    • Restrict bill to infill parcels in coastal zone regardless of jurisdiction size
    • Exempt very high fire hazard severity zone. This will be amended to apply statewide.
    • Exempt contributing parcels in legislatively-adopted historic districts in existence as of 2010, and density bonus language going forward
    • Bus stops: Shorten headways to 10 minutes during peak times to qualify. Clarify that it’s each line going in each direction.
  • SB 50 parking (no parking around rail, 0.5 spaces per unit minimum elsewhere)

In counties under 600,000: take portions of SB 4 laid out on next page.

Additional amendments applicable to projects statewide:

  • Sensitive communities agreement with affordable housing advocates:
    • Include at a minimum those areas: designated high segregation and poverty and low resource in TCAC opportunity maps; top 25% Cal EnviroScreen scores; 2019 HUD qualified census tracts; potentially others
    • COGs run a process to identify sensitive communities with minimum requirements for outreach to disadvantaged populations
    • Opt-in before July 1, 2025, to planning process based on petition with 20% population in census tract signing and specified outreach requirements
  • Changes to ensure offsite affordable housing is actually built: no certificate of occupancy on market rate without building permit and has to be near transit and within a half mile of original project site.
  • Technical amendments to clarify how density bonus works.
  • Commitment to include inclusionary percentages that are worked out with housing advocates and agreeable to SGF committee.

SB 4 provisions incorporated in SB 50

The below provisions of SB 4 will be incorporated into SB 50. SB 4 will be held in SGF Committee.

In counties 600,000 population or less, modify equitable communities incentive to:

  • Grant waiver from density (with minimum of 30 units/acre in urban jurisdictions and 20/units acre in suburban jurisdictions, as defined in existing law), height limits of zoning on the parcel plus one story, and floor area ratio of 0.6 times the # of stories for projects within half-mile around rail/ferry in cities over 50,000
  • Creation of fourplexes by right (regardless of jurisdiction population) in residential areas on vacant land and allows conversions of existing structure—but no demolition, as follows:
    • 75% of exterior walls must be intact and no more than and +15% increase square footage. Also has to abide by all other local regulations (setbacks, lot coverage, FAR, height, etc).
    • Must include SB 35 limitations on eligible parcels.
    • This will be amended to be statewide.
  • Restrict all above to infill parcels and exempt coastal, historic, fire hazard, floodplains per SB 4. Continue to work with Senate EQ on identifying a definition of “infill” that doesn’t induce sprawl.
  • SB 4 parking applies: no parking minimum within ¼ mile of rail in cities over 100,000, 0.5 spaces per unit minimum elsewhere