Planner Emeritus Network (PEN)

Purpose and Background

The Planner Emeritus Network (PEN) is an auxiliary of and resource support group for the APA California Chapter, the California Planning Foundation, and the California Planning Historical Society. PEN represents a body of long-tenured members of APA who are available to provide to the Board and to other APA California groups substantial knowledge of the profession as it has matured in California, in particular. PEN members are available to provide their personal insights, experiences, and planning history when requested by the Board or other organizations, groups, and individuals.

PEN also works to recognize individuals who have contributed to the planning profession in California and honors these leaders annually at the Chapter conference. In addition, PEN assists the Chapter Historian with preserving important planning documents in the Chapter archives at Cal State Northridge.

PEN was organized in 1997 and developed formalized bylaws in 2000. The organization is led by a Board of Directors composed of the President, two Vice-Presidents (one each from the north and south), and the Secretary-Treasurer. There are also six at-large members with full voting privileges.

Contact information is below:

Hanson Hom
[email protected]

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