National Legislative Program

The APA California National Policy and Legislation Representative oversees the Chapter’s participation in, and acts as a liaison with, APA National’s policy and advocacy programs. For more information, go to

National Legislative Priorities

APA National develops and advocates for a federal legislative agenda to create inclusive, resilient, sustainable communities. For more information on APA’s latest legislative priorities, visit

National Policy Guides

Policy Guides represent APA’s official position on critical planning issues and arm planners with the tools to advocate for policies that create great communities for all. Policy Guides, developed through a member-driven process, cover topics like Hazard Mitigation, Planning for Equity, Housing, Surface Transportation, and more. To access the adopted guides and learn more about APA’s policy development process, go to

Planners’ Advocacy Network (PAN)

PAN is the American Planning Association’s grassroots advocacy network and membership is free to all APA members. APA’s Network of engaged planning advocates is working to shape federal and state policy outcomes. Members of the Network enjoy access to exclusive issue briefings and tools designed to sharpen your advocacy skills. For more information, go to

Policy and Advocacy Conference Information

Each fall, you are invited to join the American Planning Association’s Policy and Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C. This annual, two-day event brings together planners and professionals from around the country to attend policy forums and legislative training sessions, where you can learn about critical issues facing planners at the federal and state level including infrastructure, recovery and stimulus, equitable economies, and more. During the conference, you will also have the unique opportunity to participate in Planners’ Day on Capitol Hill, where APA arranges meetings with your congressional offices in the Senate and House. Get the chance to join fellow APA California members in sharing planning stories from your community as you advocate for the importance of planning and planning issues to your representatives in the Federal Government. For more information, go to