Fellows of AICP


Election to Fellow is one of the highest honors that the American Institute of Certified Planners bestows upon a member.

Congratulations to the Fellows from the APA California Chapter, inducted in 2022:

  • Julianna Delgado, FAICP – Los Angeles Section
  • Jeffrey Lambert, FAICP – Central Coast Section
  • Clement Lau, FAICP – Los Angeles Section
  • Cary Lowe, FAICP – San Diego Section
  • Susan Peerson, FAICP – San Diego Section
  • Anna Pehoushek, FAICP – Orange Section
  • Hing Wong, FAICP – Northern Section

Fellows of AICP are honored in recognition of their achievements as planners and as individuals, whose efforts have led to demonstrably significant and transformational improvements to the field of planning and the communities they served.

Fellowship is granted to planners who have been long-time members of AICP and have achieved excellence in professional practice, teaching and mentoring, research, public and community service, and leadership. Those chosen become members of the College of Fellows.

The College of Fellows is concerned with mentoring and future advancement of the profession of planning. As outstanding professionals in the field of planning, Fellows of AICP address student organizations, state APA conferences, and professional development programs.

The AICP College of Fellows nomination process is biennial. Nominations are due during odd-numbered years and each new class is inducted in even-numbered years during the APA National Planning Conference. Candidates for nomination should have made outstanding contributions to the profession throughout their career. They must meet criteria laid out in the national nomination guidelines including: exceptional leadership; innovation and excellence; and creating a legacy for their community, profession and society.

The California Chapter Nominating Committee will work with Sections and current FAICP planners to identify candidates eligible for FAICP status and then work with those interested in pursuing this esteemed recognition in the planning profession.

Do you know someone who is eligible for nomination to the Fellows of the American Institute of Certified Planners that you think should be nominated? That individual should be an active APA member and an AICP planner for at least 15 years. Please forward the individual’s name to your Section Director who will forward to the Chapter Nominating Committee.

The Process

Information regarding the process by nominators and nominees including deadlines can be found here on the National APA website. The generalized timeframe is that eligible candidates are identified by early spring, then work on applications is done through the spring and summer, with submittal of perfected applications by the California Chapter to National APA in the late summer.

Individuals not endorsed for Chapter nomination may be nominated by other avenues: by ten AICP members, or by a Division of APA.

California Chapter FAICP Planners

Jeffrey Lambert
Carl Morehouse

Al Zelinka

Kurt Christiansen
Julianna Delgado
Joseph Edmiston
Clement Lau
Larry Morrison
Robert Paternoster
Steve Preston
Richard Pruetz
Marsha Rood
David Salazar
Donald Shoup
Linda Tatum
Brian Taylor
Richard Willson
Mark Winogrond

Karen Alschuler
David Bess
Fred Collignon
Elaine Costello
Linda Dalton
Jeanette Dinwiddie-Moore
John Dugan
David Early
Ellen Greenberg Daniel Iacofano
Thomas Jacobson
Laurie Johnson
Vivian Kahn
Barbara Kautz
Naphtali Knox
Dean Macris
Barry Miller
Kathrin Moore
Robert Olshansky
Gary Schoennauer
Paul Sedway
Susan Stoddard
Elizabeth Tyler
Hing Wong

Robert Dannenbrink
Susan Harden
Anna Pehoushek

Al Herson
Celia McAdam
Janet Ruggiero
Heidi Tschudin

William Anderson
John Bridges
S. Gail Goldberg
Robert Leiter
Cary Lowe
Betsy McCullough
Brian Mooney
Susan Peerson
Celeste Carmela Werner

In Memoriam

J. Laurence (Larry) Mintier, FAICP
Alan Kreditor, FAICP
George Mader, FAICP
Kenneth Topping, FAICP