About Us


Over 7,000 members strong, APA California is a network of practicing planners, citizens and elected officials committed to urban, suburban, regional and rural planning in the State of California. APA California offers a wide spectrum of member benefits including information, services and support to advance planning in California.


The Mission of APA California: Making great communities happen through good planning.

Towards that end APA California will:

  • Provide vision and leadership that fosters better planning for California.
  • Build public and political support for sound planning.
  • Provide its members with the tools, services and support that advance the art and science of planning.

This mission statement has no horizon year; rather, it is to be used as a broad guideline for decisions concerning the more specific strategic objectives, master strategies and action programs.


APA California’s Board of Directors represents the diversity of planning in California. Our 40-member Board consists of 11 elected members, an appointed Student Representative and 15 appointed officers, the Section Directors from each of the eight Sections, the three individuals holding National APA positions for Region VI, and the presidents of affiliated organizations.


The mission statement reflects the underlying, fundamental beliefs of APA California’s board members, who represent the breadth and geographic diversity of planning in California. These values include:

  • Vision: The creativity and foresight needed to anticipate future needs of our membership and profession, then develop a consensus-building strategy that addresses those needs.
  • Leadership: The ability to organize and command the resources necessary to implement our vision. Critical to the concept of leadership is the balancing of competing needs and interests in a manner that consistently provides the greatest good for the greatest number of our members.
  • Diversity: The expansion in the development of its leadership and its membership of both ethnic and gender diversity within the Chapter.
  • Support: The development, nurturing and preservation of a grass-roots constituency, both in the profession and in the larger community, that recognizes, accepts and advocates the values of good community, regional and other planning programs. The Chapter’s commitment to a broad public relations strategy is an example of this support strategy in development.
  • Tools, Services and Support: A commitment at every level of the organization to offer our members the tools, services and support to achieve their goals. These include regular membership services such as: a) the newsletter; b) legislative initiatives; c) participation on task forces and local review committees; d) recognition and advancement of our professional goals through comprehensive awards programs; e) a variety of continuing education programs to foster professional growth; f) annual conferences for education and networking; and g) a variety of locally sponsored and produced programs in each of California’s eight sections that respond quickly and effectively to member needs at the local level.