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AICP Exam Training Course

APA California is pleased to offer a complete on-demand AICP exam training course. With over 12 hours of instruction by relevant field experts, this course provides the guidance and materials needed to better prepare for the exam. Study at your own pace! Learn valuable exam taking tips! All registrants will receive course updates regarding recent changes to the AICP exam process and scheduling.  The full course cost is $75 for APA Members, $25 for Student Members.

Topics Include:

  • Part 1: Planning History and Context
  • Part 2: Exam and Training Course Overview (Free)
  • Part 3: Plan Making and Implementation
  • Part 4: Regulatory Law
  • Part 5: Ethics Training
  • Part 6: Public Participation
  • Part 7: Planning Trends, Demographics & Transportation
  • Part 8: Leadership, Administration & Management

AICP Exam Prep

APA offers a wealth of exam prep resources. Review the content outline, watch some training videos, explore other chapters’ exam prep materials, and much more. And don’t forget to contact our chapter’s Professional Development Officer, [email protected], for additional information.

In addition, APA offers an AICP Certification guide which contains details about each step in One Path to AICP Certification.