AICP Certification

One Path to AICP

The AICP Certification adds significant value to both your professional journey, the collective endeavors of your organization, and the welfare of the communities under your stewardship. Are you aspiring to showcase your proficiency, underscore your dedication to professional ethics, stand out in a competitive job landscape, and consistently refine your planning acumen? Encouragingly, the ‘One Path to AICP‘ initiative simplifies the certification process.

If you find yourself at the initial stages of your planning career, embarking on the journey of defining your aspirations, consider the milestones you intend to achieve within the span of five or ten years. As a member of the APA, you have the opportunity to target certification as a pivotal milestone—a testament to your professional prowess that has the potential to unlock various opportunities. Remarkably, a substantial majority of AICP members, precisely four out of five, attribute their career progression to the significant attainment of AICP Certification.

AICP Certification Diversity Scholarship

Each exam cycle, APA offers scholarships to APA members who are interested in taking the AICP exam or who are interested in submitting their experience assessment. Please visit the AICP Certification Diversity Scholarship webpage for more information.

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