California Planning Roundtable

Formed in 1980 by California Chapter under the leadership of former President David Booher, the California Planning Roundtable (CPR) is an organization of experienced planning professionals who are members of the American Planning Association (APA). Membership is balanced between the public and private sectors, and between Northern and Southern California. In 2001, CPR was the recipient of the American Planning Association’s Distinguished Leadership Award.

The mission of CPR is to advance the practice and profession of planning through foresight, insight, innovation, and leadership. Its vision is the following:

CPR is a creative, influential resource for informing and engaging planners, communities, policy-makers, and the public on solutions to cutting-edge policy issues. We inspire and foster leadership in the planning profession. Through our membership and projects, we showcase the diversity and potential of California’s communities and opportunities to enhance their livability.

Now in its second quarter century of service, CPR regularly researches and prepares reports on planning issues in California; awards scholarships through a partnership with the California Planning Foundation; sponsors sessions at state planning conferences; lends its expertise to other events and organizations; and contributes to important planning scholarships. Currently, one of CPR’s flagship efforts is the Reinventing the General Plan project.

A paper by California Planning Roundtable

The California Planning Roundtable (CPR) has published the paper entitled “The Social Determinants of Health for Planners: Live, Work, Play, Learn!.” The paper was prepared under the leadership of the Healthy Communities Work Group in collaboration with a selected group of sixteen non-CPR professionals who are experts in the fields of planning and public health. The publication is intended to advance deeper understanding of public health approaches and the value they can bring to the planning practice and profession. “This paper is a tool that will help us increase dialogue and collaboration between planning and public health during planning processes,” said Miguel A. Vazquez, Co-Chair of CPR Healthy Communities Work Group. “I am happy to share that the bulk of the paper’s content deals with numerous concepts that empowers our profession…I believe that every planner who truly cares about the health of the community she or he plans for, should be well versed with the content of our paper.”  The paper can be accessed on-line here: The Social Determinants of Health for Planners: Live, Work, Play, Learn!

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