Environmental Planning and Permitting Manager

Job Description

The Sites Project Authority is seeking to contract with an individual to provide certain project development services related specifically to environmental planning and compliance that is needed to continue to advance the proposed Sites Reservoir Project. This proposed water infrastructure project consists of a 1,800,000 acre-foot off-stream reservoir and other ancillary facilities, located on the west side of the Sacramento Valley. It will be owned and operated by the Authority in a cooperative manner with both the US Bureau of Reclamation’s Central Valley Project and California Department of Water Resource’s State Water project to provide primarily both water supply and environmental benefits.

The services to be provided include oversee and manage the completion of all environmental analysis and documentation, the preparation of applications for permits and agreements needed to construct and operate Sites Reservoir, the development of mitigation monitoring and reporting plans, and plans for adaptive management and operations. This is an at-will contractual relationship reporting to the General Manager; supported under a contractual professional services agreement. The individual selected will not be an employee of the Authority.

The RFQ can be found on our website: https://www.sitesproject.org/sites-project-authority/procurement/

Job Information

Position Title: Environmental Planning and Permitting Manager

Position Level: Authority Agent

Position Reports To: General Manager

Required Skills/Experience/Education:

Each applicant should posess the following minimum qualifications:

§  On large water infrastructure projects,

a.   The successful leadership of environmental impact analysis documents ideally through the Record of Decision and Notice of Determination processes and then the management of environmental compliance during implementation.

b.  The successful leadership of permit application(s) development and negotiations of permits.

§  Extensive knowledge of federal and state of California environmental laws and statutes, including but not limited, to NEPA/CEQA, ESA/CESA, Clean Water Act/Porter-Cologne Water Quality Act, Rivers and Harbors Act and the National Historic Preservation Act.

§  Demonstrated ability to develop and then manage budgets, schedule, and consultant contracts providing the technical needs and products outlined above.

§  Demonstrated experience with various organizations, individuals and groups seeking information and/or providing their views regarding the Sites Project and the environmental planning and permitting process – including interaction with public, non-governmental environmental interests and organizations within the Sites Project participants.

§  A Bachelor’s degree is required; an advanced degree is a plus.


§  Extensive knowledge of California water issues and water rights, including the application of public domain analytical tools, such as CalSim2 and its associated water quality and biological life-cycle models.

§  Proven experience working in a collaborative and positive manner with federal and state resource agencies, native American tribes, environmental interests and stakeholders. Existing contacts with federal and state resource agency staff are highly desirable.

§  Proven experience with stakeholder coordination and community outreach support associated with environmental planning and permitting on large infrastructure projects, preferably in California.

See additional specific requirements at: https://www.sitesproject.org/sites-project-authority/procurement/

US Citizenship: no

Security Clearance: no

Salary Range: TBD

Other Benefits:

Start Date: May 1, 2019

Position Type: Permanent

Travel: 20%

Language: English

Contact Information

Name: Sites Project Authority

Address: P.O. Box 517 122 Old Highway 99 West Maxwell CA 95955




URL: https//www.sitesproject.org

Job Reference Code:

Agency: Yes