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The City of San Diego Planning Department is in the process of filling multiple vacant Senior Planner and Associate Planner positions. The vacant Associate Planner positions may be underfilled by Assistant Planner or Junior Planner classification, depending upon program needs and the available candidate pool. The Planning Department has Senior Planner and Associate Planner vacancies in the Community Planning Section, the Historic Preservation Planning & Urban Design Section, the CEQA & Environmental Policy Section, and the Public Facilities Planning Section. While these are the sections in which vacancies currently exist, this Senior, Associate, Assistant and Junior Planner recruitment effort could be used to fill future vacancies within the Planning Department or other City Departments (within six months of completion of the interviews).




Junior, Assistant and Associate Planners perform increasingly complex planning tasks in accordance with their position, and report to Senior Planner staff. Senior Planners work independently under the general guidance and direction of a Program Manager; perform more complex planning tasks; and organize, direct and supervise the work of Associate, Assistant and Junior Planner staff. All Planning Department staff are required to work both independently and collaboratively to achieve the goals of the Department’s Strategic Plan and work program. In addition to the discipline-specific duties described below, all Senior and Associate planning staff are expected to provide technical support at public hearings before advisory bodies and decision-making bodies such as the Planning Commission and City Council, and present projects that they are managing.




Senior Planner and Associate Planner staff in the Community Planning Section works as part of a team or individually on the development of, update, or amendment to land use policy documents including the General Plan, Community Plans, and specific plans and the development of planning studies. . This could include the management of consultant planning projects, the review of complex development plans for consistency with land use policy plans, research and analysis, grant writing, public outreach to a wide variety of audiences, and interdisciplinary coordination for all of the above. This could include attending monthly Community Planning Groups meetings typically during the evenings




Senior Planner and Associate Planner staff in the Historic Preservation Planning & Urban Design Section are responsible for preparing and processing new historic district designation nominations; preparing geographically-based, architecturally-based and culturally-based historic context statements and surveys; and providing cultural and historic resource preservation expertise to comprehensive community plan updates and developing community-specific policies to ensure identification and preservation of the community’s cultural and historic resources.




Senior and Associate Planner staff in the CEQA & Environmental Policy Section are responsible for reviewing City (public) projects and other actions under CEQA for potential environmental impacts; preparing environmental documents, including EIRs; directing the work of outside environmental consultants; providing CEQA training to Community Planning Groups; and working with public project applicants and stakeholders to ensure that all feasible environmental mitigation measures or project alternatives are incorporated to minimize or preclude adverse impacts to the environment.




Senior and Associate Planner staff in the Public Facilities Planning Section are responsible for developing, updating and administering policies, programs, and plans that implement the General Plan and other long-range planning documents, and provide funding sources to assist in the financing of community-serving infrastructure such as roads, parks, recreation facilities, libraries, and fire and police stations. Some of the specific programs for which this section is responsible include city administration of development impact fees, impact fee deferral agreements, reimbursement agreements, monitoring of development agreements, and public facilities planning and policy.  These positions also perform development project reviews, environmental reviews for public facility impacts, and impact assessments on public facilities and services from planned growth and development.






Job Information

Position Title: Senior and Associate Planner

Position Level:

Position Reports To:

Required Skills/Experience/Education:



You must meet the following requirements on the date you apply, unless otherwise indicated.




EDUCATION: For Junior (MUST include a minimum of 18 semester/27 quarter college-level units), Assistant, Associate, and Senior Planner positions, a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent education (i.e., minimum completed units = 120 semester/180 quarter) in the fields of Urban Planning, Urban Studies or Urban Design; Architecture; Archaeology; History; Architectural History; Historic Preservation; Geography; Public Administration; Environmental Studies; Life Science (Biology, Ecology, etc.); or a closely related field.




EXPERIENCE: Full-time professional-level planning experience is required as follows:

  • Junior Planner: 0 years

  • Assistant Planner: 1 Year

  • Associate Planner: 2 Years

  • Senior Planner: 3 Years




Qualifying professional experience must be in at least ONE of the following areas:

  • Prehistoric or historic archeology.

  • HHistoric preservation.

  • Environmental review or analysis.

  • Resource management.

  • Environmental, general or community planning.

  • Architecture and urban design.

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

  • Land Use, demographic, economic, or fiscal analysis.

  • Public Administration.





  • Master’s Degree or equivalent education in the fields of City or Urban Planning, Urban Studies or Urban Design; Architecture; Archaeology; History; Architectural History; Historic Preservation; Geography; Economics, Public Administration; Environmental Studies; Life Science (Biology, Ecology, etc.); or a closely related field.

  • Certified Planner Certification issues from the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).

  • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) or National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) environmental documentation and compliance experience.

  • Experience preparing and/or critically reviewing geographically-based, architecturally-based and culturally-based historic context statements, as well as reconnaissance and intensive-level built environment surveys.

  • Experience with archaeological and tribal cultural resource management and government-to-government tribal relations.

  • Experience preparing public facility financing plans.

  • Experience using GIS.

  • Experience using Adobe suite of programs, SketchUp, or AutoCAD.






The first step to be considered for the position(s) is to be placed on the job classification eligibility list.  The application is available from 03/08/2019 through 03/25/2019.  Click on the following link to access the City of San Diego’s Personnel Department website:




Please ensure all information is complete and accurate as the responses you provide on the supplemental questions will be reviewed using an automated evaluation system.  If you are successful in this initial screening process, your application will be reviewed for applicable education, experience, and/or training to ensure all minimum requirements have been met.  Successful candidates will be placed on an eligibility list which will be used to fill position vacancies during the next six months (180 days).  For each vacancy, only those candidates with the most appropriate qualifications will be contacted by the Planning Department for an opportunity to submit a resume for interview consideration

US Citizenship: no

Security Clearance: yes

Salary Range: Senior Planner $72,571.20 - $87,734.40 Annually , Associate Planner $62,982.40 - $76,107.20 Annually

Other Benefits:

Start Date: May 6, 2019

Position Type: Permanent

Travel: 10%

Language: English

Contact Information

Name: City of San Diego

Address: 9485 Aero Dr. San Diego CA 92123





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