Professional Development

APA California provides a variety of professional development services

The California Chapter provides varied and unique educational and networking opportunities for members through conferences and AICP Exam preparation programs. The annual California Chapter Conference offers opportunities to stay current in the planning field and to network with the leaders in the planning profession. APA California also nominates planners to become members of the AICP College of Fellows.

Professional Development Officer

The Chapter PDO assists local sections in delivering professional development services and coordinates between the Chapter and APA/AICP. The Chapter PDO provides assistance with information regarding AICP Exam preparation and is the point of contact for obtaining the Chapter Presidents Council AICP Exam Preparation Study Manual.

The Chapter PDO also conducts regularly-scheduled conference calls with Section PDOs to pass on important information in a timely manner to assist the Section PDOs enhance their members’ professional development experience. Below are summaries of the calls conducted with Section PDOs:

PDO Team Contact Information

Jerome Keene, AICP
Vice President, Professional Development
Responsible for overall program coordination, especially CM credits.
E-mail: [email protected]

Asha Bleier, AICP
AICP Exam Coordinator
Responsible for AICP examination process, encouraging members to apply, ensuring that exam prep info is delivered at the State conference, and that Sections provide training.
E-Mail: [email protected]

Robert B. Olshansky, FAICP
FAICP Coordinator
FAICP recognition process, encouraging applications to FAICP, and engaging FAICP members in the life of the Chapter.
E-Mail: [email protected]

Catherine Lin, AICP
Statewide Program Coordinator
Responsible for state program coordination, including CM credit events.
E-mail: [email protected]

Miroo Desai, AICP
AICP Commissioner, Region VI
E-mail: [email protected]

CM Technical Support

Section PDO’s

Each APA California local section includes a Professional Development Officer, and some have AICP Exam Directors, who together coordinate local trainings, workshops, luncheon meetings, and preparation for the annual AICP examination. Section PDO’s and Section AICP Exam Directors include:

CentralCarolina Ilic, AICP[email protected]
Jerome Keene, AICP[email protected]
Central CoastTanner Shelton, AICP[email protected]
Inland EmpireKhadija Nadimi[email protected]
Los AngelesTim Hou, AICP[email protected]
Nina Harvey, AICP[email protected]
NorthernAfshan Hamid, AICP[email protected]
Sanhita Ghosal, AICP
Distance Education Coordinator
[email protected]
OrangeBelinda Deines[email protected]
Starla Barker, AICP
AICP Director
[email protected]
Sacramento ValleyKendra Ramsey[email protected]
San DiegoLorena Cordova, AICP
AICP Director
[email protected]

AICP Certificate Maintenance On-Demand Opportunities

APA California has inaugurated a new professional development program for our members through APA California’s On-Demand program. It is part of our effort to expand learning opportunities for those members who are not able to attend Section activities or the Chapter conference to earn AICP CM credit, although any Chapter member has equal access. This program is a chance to either learn individually, or gather people together to view and discuss.