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Job Posting

You may post your job ad to be listed online for a 30 day period, or online as well as in the CalPlanner.

Website Ads are activated once payment is received and are available worldwide on the Internet. The CalPlanner is published four times a year and is emailed to over 5,000 members.

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After You Submit

  • Once you submit your Job ad online, you will be redirected to a check-out page with a form to enter your credit card information and complete the transaction. VISA and MasterCard only accepted for payment.
  • NOTE: To ensure your job listing was posted, please look for an email confirmation notice.
  • If your description exceeds 1000 words, it will be held for review by APA California.

Renew Your Ad

To renew your job ad, please refer to your notification email and click on the renewal link. To request a renewal link notification email, please contact Laura Murphy at [email protected].

CalPlanner & Website Advertisement Rate

Words Per AdWebsite Only RateCalPlanner Only RateCalPlanner & Website Rate
Up to 50$70$125$150
  • Minimum 50 word ad

Please contact Laura Murphy at [email protected] or 916.540.7196 if you have any questions.

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